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Our Services

At Evergrowth Chiropractic, we take your health concerns seriously and look to create an individualized plan specifically for you. If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Tri-cities, look no further!

We offer the following services:

 - Long-term chiropractic care

- Short-term chiropractic care

- Sports Injuries

- Muscle therapy (IASTM)

- Neck pain treatment

- Back pain treatment

- Headaches

- Trigger point therapy

- Auto-Injury cases



Chiropractic adjustments are a safe, non-invasive method of re-introducing motion back into the spine. By reducing the amount of interference between mind and body, we can allow the body to heal naturally without medication or surgery.

Soft tissue therapy.PNG

Soft-Tissue Therapies

We provide focused sessions  of adjunctive care for our patients. Cupping, IASTM, and trigger point therapy can help reduce soft-tissue spasms, promote blood flow to muscles, and decrease healing times for injuries. 

Our Prices

Evergrowth Chiropractic Approach

New Patient Visit:

This is the best time for you to connect with your doctor about what is going on. Dr. Cruz will work to better understand your problem and perform any necessary tests to help gather more information. 

For uncomplicated cases, your first visit will cost $145, which includes a detailed health history, any necessary orthopedic/neurological exam, and your first adjustment.

Established Patient Regular Visit:

 At Evergrowth Chiropractic, we will focus on the adjustment, soft-tissue therapy, and rehabilitative exercises.

Your average cost per visit is: $68-$98

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